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Dogwood Ministries, Christian Karate and Youth Group
First Wave: Youth Mission


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Mission to Okinawa
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First Wave

June 2004  Saitama Japan and Okinawa Japan


Wave one: Saitama/Tokyo Japan
Youth will be
Camp counselors June 19-20 camp out
teaching conversational English at 
Open Door English School
Worshipping at
Open Door Church
Assist in country Missionaries:
Russell and Sandi Board
Hiro and Eryn Bamba
Learning Japanese customs and Language
Learning to be a missionary

Wave two: Okinawa
Youth teams will
assit teachers at
Okinawa Christian School
Assist with a week end camp with
Hope Chapel Okinawa
Visit and help develop relations for a church plant at
Agena Dojo
Assist in conducting
Beach Ministries

Ten Session Training begins March  7th at Fellowship Christian Academy 5pm
1. March 7: Passports, ID, Fitness, Language, Fund Raising and more
2. March 14: Japan Laws, Basic Language, Fund raisers, Intro to mission duties...
3. March 21: Bible, ABC's, Language, discovering team talents, passport deadline
4. March 28: Bible, ABC's practicals, Fund raising report, Language, team practice.
5. April 4: Bible, G.O.S.P.E.L., Language, Fitness review, Spiritual review.
6. April 18: Bible, Practicals, concepts of witnessing, Language, Team practice
7. April 25: Witnessing Practicals, permission slips/waiver, Language, Customs.
8. May 2: Group discussion, Fund raising report, reservations report, team practice,
9. May 16: Packing requirements, Language, Schedule discussed.
10: Last preperations, Language, finilize Schedule, Last team meeting