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Hanamizuki Honshou Karate

Meet Sensei Hershman

Hi, I'm Ed Hershman

The most important information about me personally is that I am a born again Christian. I have a in Christian Education, a A.A. degree in General Education, B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies as well as a B.A. Degree in Biblical Studies. Next I am a husband, father and grandfather. Then, I am a martial artist. My teacher was Daisensei Seikichi Odo. I teach his system of Okinawa Kenpo called Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu. I have been awarded a 6th degree black belt and teachers license by Daisensei Odo. Odo Daisensei passed away in 2002. In 2006 I had the honor of being promoted to 7th degree black belt by Dean Stephens. Sensei Stephens is a senior student of Daisensei Odo. I have trained extensively in Okinawa Japan. Stationed in Okinawa with the USAF from 1984 to 1988 and later making short visits of two to four weeks in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009 I keep an active link with the homeland of Karate: Okinawa. In 2012 I was fortunate enough to go back in Okinawa for two more years. I worked as the Assistant Athletic Director of the Camp Schwab Gym. I am fortunate to have been accepted as a student and actively receive instruction in Motobu udundi from Takamiyagi Sensei in Okinawa from 2012-2014. Currently I am a Coach with the US Forest Service assigned to the Job Corps in Coeburn VA. In May 2015 I had the honor of being promoted to hachidan, 8th degree black belt by Sensei Stephens, Shinjitsukan dojo, Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujyutsu.

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Kyoshi Ed Hershman

Kyoshi Hershman's qualifications

Hachidan, 8th degree in kenpo and kobudo from Sensei Dean Stephens, May 2015

Yondan, 4th degree in Ryukyu Udundi under Sensei Tetsu Takamiyagi, May 2014

Certified Instructor: Karate for Christ International Jan 2007

Nanadan, 7th degree in kenpo and kobudo from Sensei Dean Stephens, ShinjitsukanSep 2006

Rokudan, 6th degree Kenpo and Kobujutsu from Daisensei Seikichi Odo May 12, 2001

Godan, 5th degree Kenpo and kobujutsu from Daisensei Seikichi Odo June 22, 1994

Certified ASP expantable baton instructor 1999, Virginia State Police Academy

Advanced Police Defensive Tactic Instructor Virginia State Police academy
Virginia Department Of Criminal Justice Services

Police Defensive Tactics Instructor Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services 1993

Yondan and Renshi,instructor license, 4th Degree Kenpo and Kobujutsu
From Seikichi Odo June 29, 1990

Sandan,3rd degree kenpo and kobujutsu From Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa March 12, 1988

Nidan, 2nd degree kenpo and kobujutsu from Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa March 6, 1985

Accepted and recognized as a shodan and student by Daisensei Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa June 1984

Shodan, 1st degree, karate under Dave and Betty Futcher May 28, 1984
Began Martial arts training 1972