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Hanamizuki Honshou Karate

Accellerated Degree Program

Earn your Degree Faster!!!!

Revised Program January 2009

Read and write an outline on each of the following:

Living the Martial Way, Forrest E. Morgan

Okinawa Karate: Teachers, Styles and secret techniques, Mark Bishop

Read and Write an outline on one of the following:

Classical Kata of Okinawa Karate, Pat McCarthy

Purpose Driven Martial Art, Darrell Covington

Spirit of the Empty Hand, Stan Schmidt

The Wisdom of Kung Fu, Michael Minick

Read one of the following strategy books and write an outline:

Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee

The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi

The Secrets of Okinawa Karate Essence and Techniques, Kiyoshi Arakaki

Read and outline a book by one of these authors:

Donn F. Draeger

Dave Lowry

Quintin Chambers

Gordon Warner

Matsutasu Oyama

Other by approval

Complete an approved First Aid and CPR course

Complete an instructor notebook. All outlines go in notebook

Attend a Karate for Christ seminar

Attend approved workshops

Any student completing the above requirements will be granted a waiver on the minimum time in grade/time in training required for black belt.

Black in minimum Time
Oftern students ask how long it takes to reach a first degree black belt. For the normal student in our dojo this is more than five years.  Using the accellerated course material a student can substantually reduce this time. Along with regular class attendance, seminars and normal practice this program will greatly increase the knowledge of the student.
Previously this program was only available to brown belts and higher. Now it is available to any grade that would like to learn faster.
During a students training there are unseen subjects that are taught. These subjects include: physical fitness, history, culture, concepts, values, theories, and more. By completing the readings, doing the outlines and discussing the material with Sensei the student learns these things outside the class room.
Based on how much outside reading and study is conducted by the student a waiver for time in grade requirements may be given.

See Sensei Hershman
A student must get a list of the requirements and have supervision from Sensei Hershman.
Discussion is part of the process.
Work will be checked and progress monitored.

A black belt should be a well rounded person with a good attitude!