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Hanamizuki Honshou Karate

Kobudo Division

Hanamizuki Dojo now has a kobudo only division!

Scope and purpose:

The Hanamizuki kobudo division was created to allow martial artist to learn original traditional Okinawa weapons systems being separate from the standard Hanamiziki curriculum. This division is not without difficulties as Sensei Hershman believes that the system should be taught as Odo Seikichi Daisensei thought it best taught. That is as a complete system, kobudo and kenpo together. Students are greatly encouraged to take up the study of Okinawa Kenpo as well as the weapons.

To accommodate those students that only wish to study weapons a separate ranking system has been established. Students of the complete Ryukyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu Hanamizuki dojo are automatically ranked in both systems as they progress. Students only learning the kobudo are required to learn it as a system. Each will be required to advanced through the promotion stages separate from their empty hand system other than Okinawa Kenpo.

The Kobudo division ranking system will utilize the old Okinawa ranks of white belt, green belt 1, green belt 2, brown belt 1, brown belt 2, brown belt 3 then the black belt ratings. That is 6th grade (rokukyu), 5th grade (gokyu), 4th grade (yonkyu), 3rd grade (sankyu), 2nd grade (nikyu), 1st grade (ichikyu) then 1st degree (shodan), 2nd degree (nidan), 3rd degree (sandan), 4th degree (yondan), and 5th degree (godan).

The kobudo uniform will be the tradition karate gi. White is suggested. Black, brown or traditional indigo blue may also be worn. Hakama may be worn on special occasions or while doing iai jutsu (sword training). No other uniforms are authorized. There can be no stripes along the legs, hems or collar. One patch may be worn on the left chest or left shoulder. Color mixing of gi top and bottom is permitted. Traditionally our kobudo system is practiced wearing a black gi top with white gi pants. Students are to wear the obi awarded in kobudo even if different from the one from another class. See below for instruction for those already obtaining a balck belt. Kobudo is a separate martial art. Shoes are normally not worn during practice. Head band, bandana or cloth dew rag are acceptable to keep hair back and sweet from the eyes. Gi are to be worn in a respectful modest manner not exposing too much skin. Ladies should wear some type of shirt under the gi top.

Kobudo is practice to preserve the traditional Okinawa culture, as physical fitness, for fun and to assist development of another art. All weapons should be authentic but safe.


The kobudo division is open to anyone. Students will be ranked as a white belt upon starting the kobudo class. Students that are already black belt level in another art may wear a black obi with a colored strip through out the length of the belt. I.E. white, green, brown. Once a student reaches the black belt rankings in kobudo they can wear the completely black obi. This is necessary to determine where the student is in his or her instruction level yet still recognize them for their achievement. All others will wear the white, green or brown belts. Levels of instructor certification will also be issued. (jyokyo, renshi and kyoshi.