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Ranks and Qualifications

Rokkudan, 6th degree Kenpo and Kobujutsu
from Daisensei Seikichi Odo
May 12, 2001

Godan, 5th degree Kenpo and kobujutsu
from Daisensei Seikichi Odo
June 22, 1994

Certified ASP expantable baton instructor
1999, Virginia State Police Academy

Advanced Police Defensive Tactic Instructor
Virginia State Police academy 
Virginia Department Of Criminal Justice Services

Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services

Yondan and Renshi,instructor license,
4th Degree Kenpo and Kobujutsu
From Seikichi Odo
June 29, 1990

Sandan,3rd degree kenpo and kobujutsu
From Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa
March 12, 1988

Nidan, 2nd degree kenpo and kobujutsu
from Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa
March 6, 1985

accepted and recognized as a shodan and student 
by Daisensei Seikichi Odo while in Okinawa
June 1984

Shodan, 1st degree, karate
under Dave and Betty Futcher
May 28, 1984

Began Martial arts training 

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Personal Letter

Greetings, Starting Martial Arts training in 1975 I consider myself very fortunate to have trained at such a young age and to have experience so much out of life in such a short time at 38 years old this year (2000). As a Police Officer of 18 years experience I have also had the advantage of being able to apply my training in real life. Not just the individual techniques but the overall concepts that Martial Arts are for life. Using respect and concern for all human life as well as the technical aspects of Martial arts has made my life, happy and safe. Many times over I have had to employ martial skill to survive. I wish to thank God for the training and being with me during these critical events. I also need to thank my teacher, Seikichi Odo. Not only has he taught me the techniqual aspects of Kenpo but he is my mentor as how to repect others and appriciate life. I would also like to thank Bill Price for his guidance in my police defensive tactic training as well as helping me understand more fully the values of the lessons taught me by my Sensei. I wish to extend and open invitation to all to come train and visit with us in Appomattox, Virginia.

Ed Hershman
Appomattox, VA
United States